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Quality Pavement Maintenance

Line painting, crack sealing and much more.


Pavement Solutions Inc is an industry leader in pavement maintenance, line painting, traffic sign installation and hot rubberized crack sealing in Pickering. Serving Toronto and Southern Ontario, including Durham Region and the entire Greater Toronto Area since 1994, we have developed strong and lasting relationships with our commercial, industrial and municipal customers. Pavement Solutions Inc is also a valuable asset to the construction, paving and property management industries.


Pavement Solutions Inc is an industry leader in hot rubberized crack sealing, line painting, traffic sign and rubber speed bump installation. Established in 1994, we have enjoyed strong growth over the years. We pride ourselves on being a "one-stop-shop" for property managers, commercial property owners, civil construction contractors and pavers by providing parking lot-related services. The team at Pavement Solutions can look after all pavement marking needs, paint colourful games in playgrounds and recreational areas, and address upgrades ordered by municipal bylaw officers, such as accessibility parking markings and signage.


The safety of customers and staff is our top priority. Our teams have full health and safety training and are WSIB compliant.  We are also fully insured to work on your properties and at your construction sites. Our crews follow all rules and regulations and take all necessary precautions while operating machinery at your property.  Our teams use full personal protective equipment (PPE) and conduct themselves in a highly professional manner, treating your property with the care and respect it deserves. Projects can be completed overnight when parking lots are not in use.


At Pavement Solutions, we operate a fleet of modern trucks and cutting-edge equipment. This includes the most modern crack-sealing melters and routers as well as laser-guided line painting machines. With the right tools, we complete every project efficiently and on time with precision and accuracy.   


Feel free to view our gallery of completed projects to see some of our work. Call Pavement Solutions Inc to start planning your next pavement maintenance and repairs.


Our team offers reliable pavement repairs, restoration, and maintenance services, including:

Line painting/pavement marking

Line paint removal and grinding

Warehouse floor lines and safety markings

Parking garage striping

Pavement crack sealing

Concrete joint sealing

Traffic sign installation

Reflective rubber speed bump installation


Over time, pavement surfaces develop cracks that ultimately lead to potholes. Pavements require preventative maintenance to minimize deterioration. Hot rubberized crack sealing is the best way to address cracks in asphalt surfaces. Cost-effective and proven, hot rubberized crack sealing utilizes a rubberized material to seal cracks in the surface. Pavement cracks are first routed open, cleaned and then sealed with the hot rubberized sealant. Hot rubberized crack sealing will extend the life of a paved surface.


Pavement Solutions Inc provides expert hot rubberized crack sealing services in Pickering, Durham Region and across the Greater Toronto Area. We perform crack sealing that meets the MTO specifications and delivers optimum protection to your pavement. Do not wait for the cracks to expand and take a toll on the surfaces. Consult us for professional and timely solutions that will protect the structural integrity of your paved surfaces.



Paved parking lots and walkways play a vital role in modern infrastructure, supporting the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. However, they are exposed to a variety of harsh conditions, such as fluctuating weather, road salts and heavy traffic loads. Over time, these factors lead to the development of cracks, jeopardizing the structural integrity of the pavement. This is where effective hot rubberized crack sealing comes into play.

Crack sealing is not just a repair technique; it's a proactive approach to pavement maintenance that can significantly extend the lifespan of your pavement. Here's how:

  • Preventing water infiltration: Pavement cracks create pathways for water to penetrate the surface. This water infiltration can lead to erosion of the underlying materials and weaken the pavement structure. By sealing the cracks, you create a barrier that prevents water from entering, preserving the pavement's integrity.

  • Limiting crack growth: Small cracks expand over time due to repeated traffic loads and freeze-thaw cycles. When left unchecked, these cracks can become larger fissures that require more extensive repairs. Timely crack sealing halts the growth of cracks, preventing them from developing into larger and costlier issues.

  • Protection against oxidation: Over time, asphalt oxidizes and loses flexibility. Ultraviolet rays and harsh weather accelerate this process. As the pavement becomes more brittle, cracks emerge in the surface. These cracks allow water to penetrate down to the base and cause additional erosion. Sealing pavement cracks with hot rubberized crack sealing helps maintain the flexibility and resilience of the pavement.

  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal: Cracks not only compromise the structural integrity of the pavement but also detract from its visual appeal. Sealing cracks helps maintain a smoother and more even surface, improving the overall aesthetics of the pavement and the property.

  • Improved safety and liability reduction: Unsealed cracks can be tripping hazards for pedestrians and pose risks to cyclists and drivers as well. By sealing cracks, you create a safer pavement environment for all users. Property managers also appreciate this reduction in the risk of liability.

At Pavement Solutions Inc, we understand the critical role that crack sealing plays in preserving pavements. Our experienced team utilizes the latest techniques, equipment and materials to provide effective and durable crack-sealing solutions. Whether it's Pickering or anywhere in the Durham Region or Greater Toronto Area, we are committed to helping you maintain the longevity of your paved surfaces.


New asphalt paving is a very costly investment. It is very important to protect and maximize the lifespan of new asphalt.  Hot rubberized crack sealing is the best way to prevent pavement deterioration. Hot rubberized crack sealing provides many valuable and cost-effective benefits:

  • Slows down crack formation and prevents existing cracks from expanding.

  • Reduces the chance of potholes and larger broken areas.

  • Hot rubberized crack sealing is the best PREVENTATIVE maintenance, to protect asphalt and repair cracks before they become a larger problem.

  • Protect your parking lots and paved walkways with Pavement Solutions hot rubberized crack sealing in Pickering and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.



Maintaining the longevity and durability of your pavements requires proactive measures, and timely crack sealing plays a crucial role in this. As a responsible property owner or manager, understanding the significance of addressing pavement cracks promptly can save you not only on repair costs but also on potential liabilities. Here's why timely crack sealing is of paramount importance:

  • Prevention of further damage: Cracks in pavements may seem small, but they expand rapidly due to the effects of weather, traffic, and moisture infiltration. Timely crack sealing prevents these cracks from growing larger and developing into more significant issues, such as potholes. Most property managers address new cracks each spring to ensure the open cracks do not lead to potholes. 

  • Cost-effective solution: Addressing new cracks promptly with hot rubberized crack sealing is far more cost-effective than allowing them to evolve into larger problems that require extensive repairs or even pavement replacement. Early intervention saves the expense of major repair and repaving.

  • Enhanced structural integrity: Crack sealing preserves the structural integrity of the pavement by preventing water infiltration. Water seeps through open cracks and causes the base material to weaken, leading to further damage. Sealing cracks protects the underlying asphalt base and maintains the pavement's strength and stability.

  • Preventing further deterioration: Pavement deterioration is a gradual process, and cracks contribute significantly to this. By sealing cracks, you slow down the rate of pavement degradation and extend its overall lifespan. This approach promotes long-term savings and minimizes disruptions for larger repairs.

  • Maintaining property aesthetics: Open cracks in parking lots make a paved surface look unappealing and worn-out. Timely hot rubberized crack sealing helps maintain the visual appeal of your pavements, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your property. 

  • Liability reduction: Cracks pose a safety risk to pedestrians and cyclists. Retail and commercial property managers are always concerned about liability and lawsuits from pedestrians tripping or falling from an open crack in the pavement. Our shopping mall and retail managers contract us to seal new cracks each spring to minimize these liability concerns. By addressing pavement cracks promptly, you mitigate potential liabilities and create a safer environment for everyone using your property.

  • Supporting other surface treatments: If you plan to apply other surface treatments, such as overlays or seal coating, hot rubberized crack sealing serves as an essential preparatory step. Sealed cracks provide a stable foundation for these treatments, enhancing their effectiveness and longevity.

Incorporating hot rubberized crack sealing into your yearly pavement maintenance routine demonstrates your commitment to responsible property management. By taking proactive steps to address cracks in their early stages, you ensure that your pavements remain functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. At Pavement Solutions Inc, we understand the significance of proper hot rubberized crack sealing and offer expert services to protect and enhance the life of your pavements. Contact us today to book a consultation. We service the Durham Region and all of the Greater Toronto Area.


Hot rubberized crack sealing will contribute to the longevity of your pavements. Here are a few things to note about hot rubberized crack sealing:

  • Remember that pavement cracks develop eventually, and pavement maintenance is a must for the durability and longevity of the surfaces. 

  • Timely detection is crucial for efficient preventive intervention. Property owners and managers should regularly carry out visual inspections of all paved areas. Pavement Solutions is happy to provide yearly pavement inspections for all of our clients.

  • When new cracks are detected, it is important to address these promptly by routing them open and sealing them with hot rubberized sealant. This is the most effective maintenance for pavements.

  • For cracks that have been sealed previously, you should also conduct annual inspections to determine if further repairs are needed.

  • The sooner pavement cracks are sealed, the better. Prompt hot rubberized crack sealing extends the life of all paved surfaces.



As pavement maintenance experts in Pickering and the Durham Region, we have built a reputation for dependable services, delivered promptly and professionally. You can trust our highly skilled crews to restore, maintain or repair your pavement surfaces. We also pride ourselves on the high level of customer care that we provide. Our customers are a resounding testimony to our services.


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